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Sheldon Levene is a proud Jamaican who is driven by a passion to discover the natural beauty on the island of Jamaica, and curate and share these spectacular views through the lens of a camera.

When I began capturing Jamaica in late 2017, it was the period during which my mom was diagnosed with cancer. With such devastating news, I needed an escape from the fear and anxiety that had enveloped my family. Fast forward 5 years later, my mother is cancer-free and an activity that began as an escape became a brand and passion.

The journey has truly been surreal; an experience that should have been an opportunity for self-expression and a re-discovery of the beauty of Jamaica has transformed into a career. This work has now evolved into a recognized and respected brand called ‘Sheldonlev’ with local and international appeal.

Engaging the use of ‘Sheldonlev’s’ social media platforms and other media such as the Jamaica Gleaner, the Jamaica Observer, “CVM at Sunrise”, and Television Jamaica’s “Smile Jamaica”, resulted in the extensive reach that this content now enjoys. It has also contributed to the Jamaica Tourist industry’s efforts of showcasing Jamaica in ways that are alluring, appealing, and inviting to travelers who want to know more about, and visit, Jamaica. The Brand has also received the support of Leaders in the tourist industry, public figures in politics, not to mention the humbling support of dear family, friends, and fellow explorers.

Sheldonlev's Mom and Day
The spectrum of the brand has expanded over the years to make it more inclusive and charming by incorporating footage of interactions with ordinary, hardworking, and talented Jamaicans - from Richard the woodcarver in Cambridge St. James, Kareen the fruit vendor in Spur Tree Hill, Manchester, to
Deon the crab salesman in Salt Marsh, Trelawny, whose essence, business, and crafts are authentic manifestations of the true Jamaican spirit.

This work is a compilation of a variety of memories and experiences of the author – from a young boy growing up in Saint Andrew, Jamaica with a father who was considered a disciplinarian, and a caring mother who both centered familial activities around agriculture. The sincere love of nature expressed in these pages, range from simple and routine morning chores - to a deep passion for sights and scenes.

Memories of frequent trips to parishes are easily recalled as the testimony to a love of nature which framed the eager and curious mind of a child. Spending time and visiting aunts, uncles and cousins in Darliston, Westmoreland, Mandeville and Christiana, Manchester including the Adam’s Valley Farm are indelible memories. In addition, the numerous visits to an uncle’s coffee farm now called “Seven Rivers Attraction” in Hazelymph, Hanover holds a special place in memory. These childhood experiences provided a glimpse into the beauty of the landscapes, greenery, and an aesthetic of an island loved by all.


The creation of this ‘Sheldonlev’ brand is meant to be an inclusive brand, displaying a deep love for island life. The hope is that this is the beginning of something special that will lead to a legacy for generations to come. To be maintained, it requires the love and support of readers, viewers, and supporters like you. You are encouraged to continue investing in Brand Jamaica and Brand ‘Sheldonlev’.

Be sure to check out Sheldonlev at where you can go to purchase the photographs seen in this book and much more.

My greatest thanks and appreciation go out to each of you for following me on my journey, sharing your feedback, inspiring some of my greatest ideas, and ultimately purchasing my book.