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Hi I am Sheldon Levene, a multimedia professional, who creates motion graphics, photo and video content. I also Develop web-based and design mobile game app content.
I am passionate about taking people on a journey of Jamaica through my eyes and through my camera lens.

My aim is to express, not impress

It’s more than a career - my work is a medium to express my passion and through my work I hope others are compelled to discover nature for themselves.
Created a brand that has international reach, catching the attention of potential visitors, News outlets such as the Jamaica Observer and Individuals ranging from the proprietor of a fruit stand,
Adam Stewart of Sandals Resort and the Prime Minister of Jamaica Most Honorable Andrew Holness
Building a brand

Branding is more important now than ever. Due to the pandemic, we are transforming into a digital society. Certainly, we are living in unprecedented times, however, what is certain and ideal is collaboration. In reality, collaborating allows us to broaden our horizons both from a professional and personal venture by using my wealth of knowledge and experience in digital media; utilizing the scenic view of your reputable organization to create a sustainable and profitable enterprise.

Building a brand is extremely valuable to me. Building a legacy for future generations while earning a sustainable income is also important to continue investing in sheldonlev
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